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To become the number one Green Solution Provider in ASEAN.


Empowering, Educationg,Enriching the Asean Community to become the Green Hero of today!

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Calvin Chan, a green activist from Penang gave a sharing in the TEDx University of Nottingham on creative ways his social enterprise is helping many to save at least 300kg of food waste on a weekly basis. It was worth sharing to inspire more students in UON to take action to solve a problem they have identified. His next TedX talk is in Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Save Our Sea

SAVE OUR SEA is one of GREEN HERO signature event where the public come together as one to experience beach cleaning. They also get to hear a short awareness talk that is about 5-7 minutes on the importance of the sea to the ecosystem. Besides that, the public will also play a game called ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to build a food web. This is a game where we get people to realize how living things depend on one after another. Hence that is why it is important for us to acknowledge the existence of the food web. At the end of the session, the public will also hear a closing remark by Calvin Chan where he hopes the public can spread the message and the importance of the sea to many so that they will not leave their trash behind when they visit the beach.

Save Our Sea
Save Our Sea
Studen Talk
Student Talk

Student Talk

Calvin Chan, the founder of Green Hero has given numerous talk in public. One of his favourites was to empower young kids to adopt a Green Mindset. He impacted over 2000 school student to know what are the ways they can do to REDUCE FOOD WASTE. Besides that, he also has given talks in many place places to share about how his start-up is making changes in Penang day by day and the number of Green Hero is increasing in Penang who are environmentally conscious of this food waste.

Food Bank

Calvin Chan, Food Bank is where we gather as much food surplus we can get and distribute to those in need that we came to know who is in the low-income category. Thousands of food waste are wasted everyday. Hence, a food bank is needed to gather this food and channel to those who are in poverty. Why throw away good food when there are people who need them?

Green Hero

In 2018, we managed to reduce up to 23000kg of good food from wasted!


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