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I encounter a ghost in Rapid Penang bus 102

I have never thought I would have been able to come face to face with a ghost in my life.

How did it happen? It was unexpected and unplanned.

I decided to leave my house at 4.30 pm and took a bus to gurney to meet up with one of my friends with who I have not been in touch with for quite some time. We both agreed to have dinner at Chili.

As soon, as I reached the gurney bus stop just right opposite gurney, I texted my pal to let him know I have reached gurney and we will meet each other at Chili's entrance.

A few mins later, we waved at each other from a distance and gave each other a bro hug as soon we were close to each other. Then, we walked up the aisle to the entrance of Chili and were attended by a waitress. She requested us to check our Mysejahtera status. Once she has seen that the both of us are fully vaccinated, she then brought us to a table for 4 people. We sat and she handed us the menu . "How's your day so far sirs? " she asked us. " Great" I responded. "Good as well, Dominc replied. "Well, I hope we can end your day at Chili with great food. Don't forget to like us on social media to stay updated with us on the latest info", she said with a bg smile on her face. We thanked her for her wonderful service and told her to come back later on.

My pal , his name is Dominic. We chatted as we flipped through the menu. Once we have decided on our order, I raised my hand to call the waitress. She saw me and walked toward us. We ordered our food. Dominic and I talked about a potential business collaboration and what can be done to help each other. We also exchange ideas on marketing and different ideology on politics. It was a good chat.

Soon, it was 9 pm and we had to call the day off. We paid our bills and waived our goodbye. So, I walked back to the same bus stop and take another bus that goes to my neighborhood. I waited for half an hour and soon, the bus 102 came. I aboard the bus and showed my Rapid Card to the bus driver. I thanked him and he nodded in return. I then beep my card on the card reader and it reads with a 'Beep'.

After that, I made my way to the back of the bus and sat on the last column on the right of the bus. I love to sit at the back when there is no one sitting there because it gives me an overall view of what's happening on the bus. The bus then made its move from this stop as soon the bus driver sees no one else is about to board the bus to head over to the next stop.

As he continue to stop at a few more bus stops, more people filled up the bus. All seats were taken up even in the last row that I am currently at.

Soon, the bus reached Dato Keramat. A few people began to walk out from the bus and there are more spaces on the bus right now.

However, just before the bus is about to make its move, a man with his blue cap, red t-shirt and long black pants, tapped on the bus door to get the driver's attention. The driver responded by opening the door and the driver asked him, " Where do you want to go?" . " Airport !", he answered. "It will be RM2.70," he said. The man slid the money into the machine and the driver issued a receipt to him. Once he has gotten his receipt, he made his way to the priority seat just right beside the back door of the bus. He sat straight up and stared at the windowpane ahead of him.

After a few stops, we have reached Greenlane. I have been observing him for quite some time and he doesn't even make a move or even flinch at all but he was able to stay so still. What is he doing?

Out of the blue, I was shaken off my focus and it shifted to a Bangladeshi guy who has just thrown a bread wrapper on the bus floor. I was disgusted by it. He sat 3 rows away from me. If I was close to him, I would have patted him on his shoulder and gotten him to pick it up and throw it at the rubbish bin provided at each bus stand. Also, if there is someone that sits next to him, perhaps he would have been corrected because of his bad habit.

Sadly, I can't reach out to him or dare to voice out because I will not want to create a fuss in the bus.

Then, the man who stood so still earlier caught my attention. He made a slight move by turning his head at the Bangladeshi guy. He stared at him with his eyes glowed in green and I caught something in white that is translucent and flew right to the Bangladeshi guy's face. I suspected the Bangladeshi guy to have looked him straight into his eyes because if it wasn't for him, he would not have jumped out from the seats and performed some kind of weird dance with a sinister laugh.

Everyone on the bus just froze and looked at him in disbelief. The bus driver, who noticed the naughty behavior of the Bangladeshi shouted at him, " Eh, pls sit down! This is a bus and not a pub or KTV!'. The Bangladeshi responded and sat quietly but he continue to give out a small sinister laugh. I looked back at the man who still sat there and continue his stare at his target.

The people around this Bangladeshi guy have begun to whisper in each other ears and I overheard they are scared by this incident. Me too!

I then decided to voice out, " Eh, pick up the rubbish la! Don't throw your food wrapper just like that". The Bangladeshi guy peered over his shoulder and smiled at me widely with his eyes glowing in green. The people who sat beside me also jumped from their seats and screamed. I closed my eyes and hoped this to be faked. The fine hair on my skin began to rose up and my heart bits thrice faster than its normal rate.

"Arghhhh!!" , screams could be heard from all over the bus and the bus driver had to make an abrupt stop. I felt the sudden stop and jerked forward while I opened my eyes to see what has happened. I saw the Bangladeshi guy is already walking over to pick up the food wrap that has rolled out to the middle of the bus from where it was originally thrown. Once he has picked up, he no longer laughs sinisterly but the man who sat at the priority seats raises his hand and gave him a thumbs up.

A few seconds later, the bus driver entered the scene and scolded the Bangladeshi guy. " Eh, if you don't know how to behave and you dare to litter on my bus once more, I will kick you out from my bus! You understand?", the driver said angrily with his hands fisted.

"Sorry. Sorry! I won't do it again", the Bangladeshi guy apologized.

"Excuse me!" the man with the blue cap spoke. I looked at him with my cow eyes and I was curious about his next move.

"Yes, uncle?" the bus driver responded.

"I will like to get down from here. Is that ok?"

"Yes, you can! I am so sorry for the fuss this Bangladeshi guy has created. Let me press the button to open the door.

"Thank you!" he smiled.

The bus driver then walked back to the driver's seat and pressed the button. The door flung open and the man with the blue cap stood up from his seat and walked away. I watched him walk out and stood still outside of the bus. The Bangladeshi guy, then walk back to his seat and slid the food wrapper into his pocket.

The bus began to move and I looked to my right to see the man with the blue cap still standing there staring straight ahead. As soon, as I am about to lose sight of him, he looked up at me and waved goodbye. He then blinked into something yellowish and disappeared into the thin air.

Damn, that's scary.

Thankfully, I was the last one to leave the bus and all is well ;)

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