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The 5 ways to eat Premium Citrus Strawberry Jam

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best way to eat Strawberry Jam?

Perhaps the most common answer that most of us have is with bread. We just got to toast it.

But, hey there more than that, and we are going to share as below.

1) Blend With Smoothies, yogurt, salad dressing.

A great way to add an extra sweet taste into your smoothies such as Banana, Apple, Mango, will be a spoon or two of citrus strawberry jam that will give the mixture that the smoothies need to blend in beautifully with 2 taste. This can also go well by dipping a scoop of citrus strawberry jam into your yogurt to give you the extra nutrients that your body needs or perhaps, salad dressing too to boost your immune system.

2) Top it with Ice Cream

Yes, ICE CREAM! That's what MCD has done it for decades! Why eat one flavor when you can have a spread of a Premium Citrus Strawberry on your ice cream? Try this method and you will surely come back for more.

3) Toast with bread or pastries, scones etc.

The most common way that most Malaysian eat their bread is with a spread of Premium Citrus Strawberry Jam that one cannot miss when they need the sweet taste for either their breakfast or tea. Besides that, a lot of cafés are also using such jam to add the premium taste to their scones or pastry they wish to serve. That is why the most common ingredients each café shares is the usage of Premium Citrus Strawberry Jam.

4) Strawberry on Waffles, Croissant, Crepe cake, Pancakes and much more....

This is where most of us will order waffles or pancakes where we dine in for MCD breakfast or perhaps even stop by at the rest station along the highway for a kaya- Strawberry waffle. Am I right? hehe. You can now DIY at home too with this ingredient for your strawberry flavor.

5) Biscuits

Do you have those Jacob's Biscuits that are usually sold in tins? Perhaps you can make a sandwich biscuits with this as people have done it and we wonder if you're up for a challenge to try it too.

So, since you have known the 5 ways, this is definitely for the Strawberry / Citrus lovers.

Are you one of them?

This secret home recipe & process locks in not only the best quality but also a rich, fruity flavour & texture that comes with many benefits such as antioxidants, vitamins that natural pure fruit brings.

Method of making : 350~400g fresh fruits (instead of frozen) slow-cooked into 200g+- concentrate spread/jam.

Premium ingredients to make this delicious spread :100% Fresh Strawberry, Citrus/Lemon, Raw Cane Sugar.

* Strictly No Coloring. No Preservative. No Gelatin. No Pectin.*

  • Storage: Can last up to 6months in cooling condition.

  • It is less sweet with a burst of lemon/citrus to kick start your day!

  • Net Weight : 200+g

  • Price : RM 20 for one, delivery charges RM5-RM7

  • Offer: 2 for RM39 with free delivery.

Interested to buy? Click this :

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