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Where to get Green Hero kuih for 60 cent?

Yes, in Penang island there are a number of people who love to eat kuih and I bet you are one of them.

This Kuih-Muih comes from one of the famous tourist hotspots in Penang which is Georgetown. The reason they partnered with us is that they saw the social benefits of such platform and also to reduce food from going to waste.

Before they came to know about us, on average 40-60 kuih couldn't be sold off before their closing time, and this result in about 2-3kg of food waste. However, after coming to know about Green Hero where we help F&B go Happy Hour online, they couldn't believe that 75% of the time, there is no more good kuih to be discarded because they are sold at Happy Hour Price. This concept gave them hope and less worry that there will be food waste created by their shop.

Furthermore, the Green Hero consumer, on the other hand, are always so supportive and ever ready to save them whenever they can and also to buy for someone else too like a surprise gift. So lovely of them to think of their loved ones.

Moreover, as you can see the picture on the left , there are various kuih-muih for you to save from. They can range from

  • Bengka Ubi

  • Pulut Tai Tai

  • Cendol Talam

  • Abok-Abok

  • Kuih Lapis

  • Sago

  • Durian Seri Muka

  • Seri Muka

  • Jagung

  • Rempah Udang

  • Ang Koo

Nice right the kuih? The usual selling price is RM1.20-RM3 but because of Happy Hour the price can drop to RM0.60 cent per pcs for all types of kuih and that is how often people get 15 pcs of kuih for only RM 14 with delivery provided on our platform. So, if you're looking to get this offer, be sure to Like & Follow our page : Green Hero for new updates whenever we post one. Let's be the Green Hero the world needs. Also, not to forget, do share this with your friends who love to eat kuihs! Together let's rescue good food from wastage and buy them at a good bargain. After all, the more people who know about Green Hero, the more food we can save them from wastage. Thanks for this.

Together, we are a GREEN HERO

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