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Why our Green Hero Shopee store is selling eco-friendly product?

Is there a platform that sells eco-friendly products by different brands?

We know that many green businesses work in isolation and rarely do they come out and collaborate with other brands to form a greater impact. Why is that so?

That's because they fear competition or that their idea will be stolen by someone else . This is partly true. Every business that exists in the market today does have some competition. Competition help us to stay innovative and also stay active so that we can constantly change and add more value to the customers.

However, if two brands or many were to work together even though they are competitors, they are able to capture more market share and increase their brand awareness on both sides. This can only be done via joint venture or collaboration. So why focus on competing if collaboration can take place?

Hence, that is why we collaborate with a few brands out there to help increase our brand awareness and in return, we do the same for them too. We want people to just visit a place and get to see all the eco-products in one place rather than having them search on Google to click on so many links. That's a hassle right?

So what offers do we have for you right now on our Shopee?

1) 1st-time follower gets 10% off on any product.

If you have not followed us yet on Shopee, follow us now and click the link below to enjoy a great discount.

2) Buy 3 Yindi's Turtle Conservation Soap with free delivery and cheaper by 50 cents

This soap is great for people who have sensitive skin. I have used in and carry it with me wherever I go because I can't use the normal soap as my skin break if I do use them frequently :( So sad that I have this type of skin sensitivity.

Thankfully, I found Yindi and the glycerin in the soap is able to ensure I can wash my hand smoothly without worrying of any crack from within my skin.

3) Buy 1 Yindi's Turtle with free delivery for the month of May.

The soap is highly moisturizing, plant based glycerin soap enriched with Australian Kakadu Plum & Tea Tree Oil that gives a luxurious lathering feel on the skin. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

4) Buy 4 Pacari vegan chocolate and get 1 Free

If you are a vegan and you are in need of chocolate, well, Pacari is the best choice for any vegan lovers out there because the chocolate is so great that it gives you the freshness of the cacao and also the aroma from it as you chew the chocolate is highly irresistible that make you want to buy more in your next purchase.

Besides that, their chocolate comes from Ecuador and also from a sustainable farm. It is also a place where no workers were exploited and everyone gets paid equally as agreed by Pacari.

Moreover, their chocolate packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials. Now, how cool is that coming from a vegan chocolate brand ?!!

5) Buy 1 Green Hero Scented Candle in a Repurposed Bottle Handmade Candles with free delivery

What do you do with these glass bottles after you have consumed the content in it?

Most of it send it to the landfill because not many recyclers in Malaysia do buy them from you or any waste management company out ther because the value of glass is too low as compared to other recyclable products.

Hence, most of them end up in the landfill.

So, to reduce the number of glass ending up in the landfill too frequently, we decided to repurpose them by filling them up with natural soy wax to make a scented candle.

We hope you like the offers on our Shopee page. If you know any small business that can benefit from our platform, link them to us or vice versa so we can help each other to grow our business.

Lastly, if you see any products that interest you or help you in anyway, do buy them once and share with us your experience. The more feedback and reviews we get from the public, the better we become and our brand awareness will eventually grow.

We thank you in advance for purchasing with us :) Together with you, let's make a great green difference for our society.

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