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How to Start and Build a Green Business

A Book Written by Calvin Chan

From Inspiration to Impact:
My Green Hero Journey in Your Hands

This book isn't just a founder story; it's a roadmap to building a successful and impactful green business. My journey with Green Hero solidified my purpose and empowered me to make a difference. Now I want to empower YOU.

Some early review

It was read by different individuals from different professions. By reading the review, it will give you a glimpse or a sneak peak at what's waiting for you in the book. Interested in getting my book? Click the "Purchase Now" button!

- Michael Cheong

Meta marketing Trainer

Calvin Chan's "How to Start and Build a Green Business" is an inspiring and practical guide for aspiring green entrepreneurs, drawing on his experience with Green Hero, showcasing the economic benefits of eco-efficiency, and motivating readers to integrate sustainability into business operations for a greener future.



-Soo Xian Na

Calvin's book offers an inspiring and insightful journey of an entrepreneur dedicated to food rescue and environmental preservation, providing practical guidance and highlighting the importance of relationships and resilience in building a purpose-driven business.



Data Analyst

-Dr Lingesh

Medical Doctor

This book reveals the true story behind starting a green business. The depth of experience contained in this book is unparalleled. It will serve as a great companion for anyone dreaming of starting a green enterprise to change the world.



- Dylan Siauw

"For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a purpose-driven green business, Calvin Chan's practical and easy-to-read starter guide stands out as the go-to resource, showcasing his unmatched passion, grit, commitment, and unwavering determination gained through extensive experience in social enterprise in Malaysia."



Biz Coach

- Mrs Yeoh

Calvin's inspiring book tells the story of his transformation from a college student to an entrepreneur, highlighting his dedication to tackling global food waste through Green Hero, showcasing the company's contributions to society, and advocating for environmentally conscious efforts.




Inside, you'll discover:

-> The spark that ignited Green Hero: Dive into the moment that

     fuelled my passion and set me on this path

-> Step-by-step insights: Follow my journey chapter by chapter,    

     learning the what, why, and how behind every major step.

-> Strategies for over coming challenges: Learn form my wins and

     losses, gaining valuable insights to navigate your own

     entrepreneurial journey.


-> Empowerment to take action: Find the motivation and practical

     tools you need to launch your own business


Why This Matters Now?


ESG and sustainability is booming: This isn't just a trend; it's the future. Be part of the solution and build a business with purpose


Green business are more than just profitable. They minimize environmental impact and contribute to. a healthier planet 


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Why to read Calvin Chan's Green Book?

How to start and build a green business?


My story of starting a sustainable business without raising any funding. Find out how and one day you can do It too.


Think building a green business is smooth sailing? Buckle up! I'll share my biggest challenges and the creative solutions | used to overcome them. Get ready to be inspired!


I've built practical case studies based on my experiences, revealing both missteps to avoid and my growth journey. Learn from my story so you can save valuable time to boost your way to success.

TO ADD ON......

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