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Green Hero (hereinafter referred as the “Platform”): 
1. Green Hero is a platform that provide the outlet/ supplier to deal with daily surplus food.

2. Upon purchase of surplus food from the outlet/ supplier subjected to the terms and conditions stated, the Platform shall not hold the outlet/ supplier liable for any consequences harm/injury/damage unless the outlet/ supplier breaches the terms and condition herein stated  

3. The platform bears no responsibility if any were to consume the food surplus that makes them ill as each has been stated as their last day of consumption.  
1. The Platform only accept surplus foods which are still durable and/ or perishable.

2. Goods that are visibly rotten (e.g severe mould, maggot infestation, foul smells) will not be accepted.

3. Packaged goods that have been damaged or exhibiting any amount of leakage needs to be properly repackaged or patched up to be accepted.

4. Carbonated and Non-carbonated drinks contained in cans, bottles or glass are also accepted if they do not emit a foul-smelling odour.  

5. Products that require additional processes such as heating, refrigeration will be accepted.

6. The food collected shall only be served on the day itself. 

All food products distributed are of acceptable quality. However, some products would be near expiration date or possibly damaged. The Consumers need to take note of this. 
1. The Platform will not serve food that has been that has visible signs of being spoilt or emitting foul odours. Therefore if such food is found, it will be returned to the original source.  

2. The Platform will not serve any goods passed their expiration dates.

3. Goods sold will be sold in a lower market price range.

4. Consumers are not entitled to receive a refund if they find fault with the products as they have agreed that they’re buying almost expired food. However, they are entitled to an exchange a similar goods with the Platform.  
5. Constant surveillance of our goods will be carried out every day by The Platform to ensure that there will be no damage or harm caused to the consumers before it is sent over to the customer who had ordered them.

Cooked Food: 
1. Cooked food must be sold below market price. The time of the promotion is decided by the outlet.

2. COOKED FOOD received on the same day has to be consumed on the same day. 

1. Corporations and industries that are partnered with us will be promoted on our premises.

2. Partners are required to adhere to our transactions policy or their contract will be terminated.

3. Partners that want to provide financial or technical aid are also accepted. Terms will be further discussed.

4. Donation of goods can be made as well. Donations will be given straight to House of Hope & Kechara Soup Kitchen.

5. Partners bear no liabilities to any party at all for what happens after the food is sold. 

Terms & Conditions

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