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Our Green Hero stores

This is a page where you get to see different stores from different locations offering their discounts for you to save the food at a discounted price before their operation hours end. Together, with you, let's rescue the food on their last call.

Green Hero Sardines

The sardines are from SG and are made in Thailand. The brand Vega is a prestigious brand that could only be found in SG and not in Malaysia. However, because Green Hero is helping with food rescue, Vega reach out to us to also do stock clearance for their stocks with a best before date of May 2023

PG Bakery #1

A bakery located nearby to the heart of Georgetown is offering their daily baked buns at a discounted price for you to save them on their last call 6pm.

Green Hero Charity Shop

A shop for you to choose, buy and sponsor a NGO .

Green Hero Japanese Sauce

Do you cook at home? If you do, what about getting some teriyaki sauce or soy sauce or other Japanese sauce that could be found in the link below.

Green Hero Jelutong Sushi 

Are you in for supper sushi or perhaps for breakfast? Come and save the sushi with us at best price guarantee. 

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