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We're Serious
For Food.

That's because in Green Hero we believe that edible food shouldn't be discarded but to be eaten by those in need or anyone that can consume them. Together with your support, lets create a greener Malaysia and say 'NO TO FOOD WASTE'.​

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Our Approach To Reach Your Business Goals

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Sell Your F&B Surplus with us

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A Green


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Vast Networks

with NGOs

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Turn Losses

into an income

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How can Green Hero help you?

Sell your F&B
Surplus With US

We encourage you to sell your edible food surplus at least 1 hour before your closing time at a high discount price on our platform so you can get back your cost and reduce the amount of good food being thrown away.

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How can Green Hero help you?

Vast Network Of NGOs

We provide logistic support to do charity by picking up the food you want to donate and send to nearby NGOs that can accept them. In this way, you feed those in need than throwing them into the landfill. We will also send you pics and details of the NGO that we rescue the food with you.

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How can Green Hero help you?

A Green Solution

We encourage you to do made-to-order food and sell it on Green Hero to reduce single-use plastic. We will provide you with the eco box or glass bottle to support a GO GREEN solution. 

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How can Green Hero help you?

Turn Losses Into
An Income

You get paid weekly whenever there are orders for your edible food surplus rather than throwing it into the bin and getting nothing.  So, let's generate income for your so-called food waste. Together with you, we can help feed more people and reduce your losses and food waste too.

What Kind of Food
Surplus We Received?











And Many More Others ...

How Did Food
Waste Happen?

F&B discarded edible food surplus at the end of the day because they can't sell finish.

Too much sushi on the sushi belt & fewer customers dine in to eat the sushi from the sushi belt.

F&B overproduced food & drinks as they expected a high volume of customer and orders but turns out it was low.

Past Activities

Visiting To NGOs

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Donation Drive



Loaves of Bread



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Make a great green difference for your shop & help planet become greener 

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