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8 Ways to a Greener Chinese New Year 2020

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we know climate change too is getting even scarier year by year! So, how do we help to reduce our carbon foot print, slow down the speed of climate change and also reduce waste that ends up in the landfill that's brings in no value to the society?

Here are 8 simple ways that I will like to share with you!


Yes, this is so important to help say 'NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC' because every time we opt for take-away, a number of plastic is usually produce. If you don't believe me, try observing for a day how many single use plastic you or your friends produce when you are out there buying stuffs? I can say an average person produce 3-5 single use plastic in a day. Now multiply that with 30Million Malaysian to see how a larger number contributes to a waste problem for Malaysia . My question to you is, do you happen to have your own container with your? How about tiffin carrier? What about your own bottle & utensils? If you don't have one and will like to shift into a greener lifestyle, have a look at one of the store which I favor is The Owl Zero Waste Bulk store in Penang and also The Hive Bulks Food at KL.

2) Shop lesser on clothes.

The Textile industry produce so much waste on a yearly basis and they are the 5th most polluting industry in the world that affects our water source and also the seafood. Imagine eating calms, prawns that happens to comes from a polluted industry that the textile company has release into the river because of bleaching the production of new clothes? Do you want to eat them and develop some disease in a few decade? No right! So how do we shop lesser for new clothes and go after pre-loved clothes?

Buy pre-loved clothes or shop at a bundle thrift store. Where do we find them?

For those in KL : ( Ladies) & ( Men)

3) Smaller plates for guest.

All of us know that during Chinese New Year, we will have people visiting our house and of course, food and snack will be given out. To the guest, let's give them smaller plates so they won't be so greedy to take more biscuits or food that has been provided. Besides that for the house owner, cook what you can and later on cook more if you happen to see the food has become lesser for what has been served. In this way, you win because you don't waste food and the landfill too because there is no food waste from your side for doing such practice.

4) Replace to a brighter and energy savings lightbulb.

In the year of CHINESE NEW YEAR, it is our habit and practice to switch on the lantern and decorations to welcome the celebration. It is good for us to welcome the festive season with lights on for 15 days but have your consider switching to a much more energy saving lightbulb? Did you know that in Malaysia, to generate electricity, a lot of coals are needed to be burnt? So the more coals we burn, the more C02 emission s being released into the air that contributes to worsen the climate change we are already facing around the world.. So, let's change our light bulb to a much more energy saving and environmental friendly.

If you have not start the practice to segregate your waste at home, is not too late to start now for your new year, 2020! Segregate your waste to two category to either recyclable and non recyclable waste. This is something easy we can do at each of our home and also to share such practice to those who visit us during the New Year so that they too can adopt it at their own home. I have always believe that in the 21st century, most of our waste can be recycled. So where do we recycle our waste? Find RIIICYCLE to get points! The points you collect can be accumulated to redeem vouchers that have been offered by the platform. Isn't that great to encourage you to recycle more?

There are some decorations that we have use in the past can still be relevant to be reused again this year. There is no need for us to keep on buying the same stuff all over again except the Zodiac sign. Furthermore, if you do keep your decorations properly in a store room, I am sure they will not be damaged easily. So keep them well and it will save you $$$ from spending to buy a new decorations for your house instead.

Besides that, there are a few upcycle ideas you can take inspiration from to make your Chinese New Year decorations. Below are a few that you can get inspiration from. Moreover, if you plan to do one, share us a picture and we will reward you with something.

7) Bring your own container to reunion dinner !

In reunion dinner, we usually order so much to ensure everyone is happy with what has been served. However, I have seen a few times during reunion dinner, there are some tables have a number of leftover which still can beaten for another 2 person. Why didn't those on the dining table thought of packing those food to bring it home and store in the fridge for their next meal? This is something that can be done easily when we just ask the waiter/waitress for a simple request. I hope that for some who knows about this is able to do such practice when you see your own table is having some edible leftover. Oh yeah, not to forget,  remember to always bring your own container, wherever you go! There is no shame to do that with a bag! We must never be afraid for practicing a greener lifestyle but something we can be proud on.

8) Repair your Electronic gadgets.

If you happen to find your phone is in not a so good condition and still can be repaired for a cheaper price as compared to buying a new phone, please do repair them because e-waste that ends up in the landfill is dangerous and hazardous to human health if they are not dispose off properly. However, if the phone cannot be fixed and you wish to dispose them, please do find your nearest e-waste recycle such as E-llusion who can help you with it or the Trash 2 Treasure App by Penang Green Council and for KL UrbanR Recycle + .

Furthermore, I came to know that there are some phones who are in good condition but they wish to upgrade to a new model once it is release, they do accept trade in. So, do go for this option and it will ensure your current phone out of the landfill and you save some money too. This is a win-win for both the environment and you.

In conclusion, you have came to know on the 8 Green Ways to make your Chinese New Year 2020 a greener year as compared to the past years. I  hope you can practice one or two of it for your 2020! I know it is not practical to get you to do all as above but for the start, let's start simple and one step at time. Rome wasn't build in a day and for the community to be declared as a green community, everyone in that community must be dedicated to practice green habits so that we are  a step closer to create more green community in Malaysia that will eventually lead us to a greener sustainable Malaysia.


Thank you Green Hero for reading this! Let's become the Green Heroes that the community need to become greener!

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