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Updated: May 21, 2020

Do you want to pick up a new hobby that helps with the air circulation in your home and also make some money at the same time?

There is this hobby that Ethan Phang took up and decided to share with you. He has successfully done this in his home and also made some sales out of it. His hobby has helped him create another stream of income and also to promote a sustainable way of farming.

He believes that all plants should be grown naturally. They must not be close contact with pesticides or chemical fertilizers because this is harmful to human beings over the year. It has been said that consuming vegetables that are grown with pesticides can have side effects after a decade or more such as respiratory issue, cancer, nervous system damage; birth defects; infertility and other reproductive problems; and damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs and other body organs (

That is why Ethan set up his platform known as Self Sufficient Penang

To promote self-sufficient practices among urbanites by supplying organic products in the local marketplace at an affordable cost and as well as educate + build capacity to those who would like to live more sustainably.

Moreover, he wishes to see more urbanites, and millennials will be more aware of environmental issues and willing to practice even the slightest steps of being more self-sufficient at home. Hence, he decided to share his findings on the 5 easy plants you can easily plant at home.

What are they?

Well, you have to register to find out during the live session! There is Q & A too so let's make this exciting to catch you in our zoom chat. Besides that, vouchers will be given out too to be used on our platform. We will read out the code so don't miss this session too....

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