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Are we just going to ignore that we have been wasting so much food daily?

That's crazy! Why are we wasting so much food on a daily basis? 3,000 tonnes of edible food is being dumped into Pulau Burung on a daily basis. These are food that is still fit for consumption and yet we dare to throw them away.

Why aren't we channeling to those in need? There are people out there who struggle to meet end needs, who are in starvation and also there are some who only get to eat 1 meal per day but we, to those who are fortunate, we tend to waste food like we don't appreciate what we have on our plate.

That's why we need to first learn how to CLEAN OUR PLATES and later on influence others to do so. If you have friends in the F&B line, convince them to channel it to NGO that they know or they can ring us up so we can step in and build a bridge to arrange for delivery to pick up the surplus edible food and send it over to the NGO for their own convenience. In this way, you and I have help to see lesser food waste and know that there are people out there that are able to consume the food you have given to them.

Sometimes, it is good to do charity once in awhile if you can afford it.

Now, you have seen some pictures above that one of our partners is helping these people who have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 by ensuring they have breakfast to eat.

Let's feed tummies and not the landfill! Let's become the Green Hero that the world needs. When there is a will to reduce food waste, there is a way we can find those who really need them.

Do attend the upcoming online session that we are going to share with JEDI!

A special surprise for those who join us at Zoom will be announced soon!

Thank you.

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