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Happy Sensei's Day

I met Sensei Franky through Cindy.

If it wasn't for Cindy, my life would still be devasted. Thanks for connecting both of us.

Moreover, I still remember the early days when I met Sensei painting at the dojo while I came with a heavy heart and a bleak future. I was shy to share what has bothered me because I didn't know who he was. He sat patiently at the dojo , painted the Warhammer figurine while giving me the time to feel comfortable to share my sorrow in words. It took me about 2 hours and I let it out.

He listens and for every question I throw to him, he just nods his head and showed me the few possibilities of my future. It was from there, I felt a little relieved. I then continue to meet Sensei numerous times and asked him hundreds of questions to my sorrow. He didn't reject my request for once to meet me but rather, he arranges his time for me and helped me overcome my depression.

Besides that, the awakening moment for me when I was at Karpal Singh with Sensei and Cindy. He shared with me a pearl of wisdom that changed my mindset. It was from that night onwards, I started to allow myself to heal from time to time.

Furthermore, to heal myself, I participated in a lot of social works. There are at times, I ended up at a dead end. I knew that if I have something that I cannot solve, I will seek Sensei's help as a last resort. He always welcomes me with open arms and listens to my whole story before guiding me in the right direction. Sensei as well do point out my mistakes from time to time that made me aware to further improve myself. I would not have chosen to turn over a new leaf numerous times if it wasn't for him. Perhaps one day, Sensei can share his story of me from his point of view. HAHAHA.

To further add on, Sensei too believed in me when no one else did. You supported me so much that I can never ask for. You gave me so much help and ask nothing in return but told me 'To Pay it Forward' to someone else who needs it. That's what I have been doing. I continue to find those who need help and helped them as much as I can. I don't know what you saw in me back then that you are willing to go the extra mile to build me. You care for me so much that you connected me with Eileen to put me in an organization that I never thought could have supported me indirectly.

Thank you Sensei for being my life mentor. I will never forget the experience, the memories we have, and the lesson you have taught me. Thank you for always being my beacon of hope when my life turns dark. Thank you for showing me what kindness can do instead of opting for revenge.Thank you for showing me that with love and no expectation, you live a much happier life.

Happy teacher's day, Sensei Franky.

Live with love and much love <3

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