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How Calvin Chan develop a new habit to take public transport?

I used to have a car that helps me moved around but then one day a tragedy happened to me. I hate my life so much back then when I had no more car with me. I used to travel easily and freely whenever I want but sadly those were the memories of the past.

I still recalled that in the final year of my studies, I had two choices. I could either fetch a grab to college and back as well or I could take a bus? I knew that if I were to take grab for the long run, two times a day, it will be expensive and I worked part-time too. If I were to calculate my expenses, I will be broke before the month-end and will live in starvation. That's a harsh reality I have to accept.

So I told myself that I could only use Grab to go to college not more than 15 times in a month. I had to use the Rapid Penang bus to travel around whenever I can and leave my house early to ensure I can go to college on time before the class starts.

In the first few days with me, it was tough. I had to walk under the scorching sun just to get to the bus stop, wiped my sweat away, and waited patiently for the bus to come. Sometimes it was delayed and that frustration you get is crazy that makes you question, why is this happening to me?!! I blame myself so many times in the early days of taking the bus and also complained about the time I have wasted while I traveled by bus.

However, after 3 weeks of getting used to it, I started to accept that taking the bus to college is part of my routine. I knew that whenever I reached the bus station, I do sweat most of the time because of the weather. So, I always have a handkerchief with me to wipe my sweat off and have a tumbler with me to dehydrate me for the walk.

Besides that, whenever I waited for the bus, I will always have a book with me or should I say, I bring them with me wherever I go. I read them whenever I am free and that tells me, no time has been wasted. Isn't that wonderful? There are also at times on the bus, conversation with another stranger strikes if two were friendly to each other. I get to meet and connect with a lot of people from different walks of life. I love that because hearing others' stories and how they live their life gives you a different perspective of how one sees the world.

Two months down the road, taking a bus to travel is no longer a burden to me but it has become a habit. I also have done this to also show that taking public transport isn't difficult after all when you make it a habit. I know it is tough at first, messy in the middle, and beautiful at the end. I love it and as for now, taking Grab is my second choice to move around but my primary option is still taking a bus.

Robin Sharma has shared this before in one of his training. In the first 20 days of developing a new habit, it is called a deconstruction stage to destruct the old habits away. Complaint and whining will be there because it is tough but if you persist and continue to push yourself over the next 20 days, you will be confused about this. Will this be something you can do in the long run? Doubts begin to rise but if you can paint yourself an end goal like an achievement you will live to phase 3 which is integrating into your life. This is where new habits start to form and the acceptance that you felt was hard at first has now become easier for you.

So if you want to develop a new habit, write down and remind yourself, what's the end goal you wish to see? For me, when I first started to travel around with the bus, was to save money, cut down on my carbon footprint and use those expenses I save from the bus to be invested in other sectors. So what's your end goal if you wish to start a new habit?

I hope you find value in this article. Together let's develop new green hero habits for a greener tomorrow.

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