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How Feng Shui helped Green Hero?

Earlier this year, I was then hit by another massive internal issue that is almost similar to a conflict with my past director that we had him forcefully resign. It gave me so much headache that I had to find a way out to renegotiate a deal that does not jeopardize our operations and the branding.

What was the internal issue? It was due to money and job responsibilities. I always believe that we should away carry out job responsibilities and have integrity in the things we do daily. If one can’t do so, coming up with a lie at all times to cover up your mess will not be useful because one day, the truth will surface from underneath the pool of lies you have made.

Once, I found a solution to solve my internal issue, it was then I was approached by a group of people who shared the same feedback to me to enter the recycling business. I took some time off from my biz and studied this market. It was an interesting business and one of the reasons I found out that many don’t recycle is that the lack of knowledge to do so. I was told to come into this market and educate the people to recycle with my experience with food waste.

I agreed to study the recycling business. I then approached a recycling company in Penang and offered a collaboration to work together since we share the same mission. The only difference is our vision. Ours was more into food rescue.

However, both teams met together and we had some arguments over the branding between both brands if we were to work together. One proposed a merger but many denied such a proposal because it was seen as one brand had the upper advantage while ours has become like a subsidiary.

After a few weeks, the suggestion to collaborate to share resources was broken down due to some internal news that created fake rumors that ended such a partnership. At times, we must learn to identify between rumors and truth. Not all the time, what you hear is the truth. Always be smart and evaluate the news given to you if it is fake or true?

Soon, I came to know about Feng Shui and Yi Jing. I was skeptical to learn about this but one day, I decided to remove my belief on such things and learn about it.

After learning about Feng Shui, I decided to implement it in my daily life. Since then, I was able to make some changes in my environment and 2 weeks later, I began to see my life change. I was connected to the right people who shared the same energy with me and a lot of great vibes to keep going further in life . I was also able to cut off people who only bring bad news to me.

Once, I stopped mixing with people who always procrastinate and be with the people who always take action and discuss their struggles, I felt enlightened by the new environment. I continue to appreciate this inner circle I have up to date. I never thought I would be able to reignite my recycling project until one day, I received a DM on Instagram that a person wanted to help me to make Penang greener and better.

Furthermore, I have never thought I could see light at the end of my tunnel to make Green Hero better so we can create content with meaning and activities that people are willing to support. Now, we are getting that and we will maintain this momentum or even greater, scale it.

At times, we must lose something first or get out of our old environment to see something better on the outside. It is like coming out of a cave after so long and you see a new modern civilization ahead of you .

Thank you Feng Shui and Dato for your teaching that I find it useful to uplift myself in life.

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