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How MCO has changed Green Hero?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

As soon as MCO struck us for 3 days, many F&B don't produce as what they used too. They only produce when they were told too. For instance, sushi restaurants used to make those sushi on the belt in advance before customers dine in. Bakery, on the other hand, used to produce like hundreds of bread and expecting customers in the mall or outside to drop by before or after work. On the other hand, wet markets especially the fruits and vegetable vendors will order in bulk, but now, things have changed. Sushi shops no longer produce sushi in advance, buns are doing on pre-order or bake as little as can to minimize loss and see lesser food waste. Hotels, on the other hand, had seen a drastic drop in food waste because events have been canceled, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet has been halted for now and wet markets are only ordering lesser than they used too.

This is a piece of good news for the landfills because we can see lesser good food go to waste. However, this has affected Green Hero. How? When there is not much food surplus, our income has been affected. How can we still get daily cash flow to ensure the biz continuity? We have to change our strategy. We have to adapt and accept that change that has hit us. If we don't change, we will not have any income. So what did we do? On the 5th day of MCO, a piece of news struck us hat tCameron Highland farmers has been affected that they had to throw hundreds of vegetables in KG daily. They cried for help and we saw an opportunity to build a bridge between them and also to our end consumer. After 3 days of discussion and planning, we initiated the initiative of Vegetables in Boxes. We sell them and provide delivery for customer convenience.

Two days venturing into such an initiative, it EXPLODED and spread like wildfire. So many Malaysian came in and helped the farmers by buying the vegetables. Some even go to an extent to sponsor the NGOs and also the B40 families. This move has allowed us to prevent a figure close to 1200kg of vegetables from going to the landfill in 4 weeks! A wonderful effort by fellow Malaysians.

Moreover,on the other hand, sponsors came in and voluntarily to buy food from us and channel it to the Front Liners. They bought buns and fruits surplus to keep them awake 😍 on their night shifts. The Green Hero community and the front liners are filled with people who are dedicated in making a difference and help restore Malaysia to its former glory.

In this MCO period, Green Hero has seen the good of so many people to help one another instead of competing to kill one another. Yes, it is good to have competition at times because it spurs innovation but in times of crisis, compassion and love have to come first. That is how Green Hero still live during this MCO and continues to get new Green Hero onto the page and also into the community daily.

In short, create a community that supports one another and also one that understands your mission is so vital to ensure you can go through the dark days and continue to make an impact that helps makes a difference in the society. Thank you to the Green Hero community, the stakeholders and also the riders to help us during this MCO! We did foster a closer bond with one another and that's incredible. 

Thank you for this.

May you always be well and happy.

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