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How to use WHATSAPP as a free marketing tool for your green biz?

Today, setting up online biz is so easy and it can be free too! There is so much free software out there that enables us to make our biz go online easily and as well to connect with our customers instantly.

We live in a fast pace world and if we don't catch the attention of our customers in less than 5 seconds they will be gone so as the sales from that one potential customer. I have learnt this the hard way and also from other successful online biz.

Most of the big e-commerce brands usually will have an automated bot that is able to reply to the customer instantly for frequently asked questions ( FAQ) rather than just leaving your customer hanging and hoping for a reply that can be automated from the start. If you do for more than a day, then this is not good and will make them lose interest in purchasing with you. That's why is always best to reply instantly and close them on the spot when they have the urged to buy from you. If you are too slow, then they would have moved on to other biz that could reply to them instantly.

Furthermore, such action will also be bad for your branding and as a biz owner, you will want to do whatever it takes to prevent that damage to your brand. So, the question is what can you do to respond to your customer instantly and keep them in your circle without spending a dime?

My answer is,to use WHATSAPP!

Yes, everyone is on WhatsApp and there is the human touch between your biz and the consumer. I have been using WHATSAPP for my biz over 2 years and it has been proven successful. I have created so many WHATSAPP group for Green Hero for each state that allows the customer to get free and instant updates from us despite even though the majority of them are on social media such as Facebook or Instagram.We must first understand & acknowledge that people will have time to read your message even when they are busy but not logging into social media to see your post once you have posted because that can take much off their time or before they could read your post, they could have been distracted by another catchy post. To further add on another bad news, if they didn't click on the follow icon on FB, then they wouldn't be notified as well whenever you make a post because this wouldn't pop on your homesceen unlike WHATSAPP, it does. To ensure that your followers get a pop-up notification on their post,pls do guide & show them to do so, like the image below.

However, if we were to read messages from WHATSAPP, there are no other distractions and they will pay attention to what you have posted. If they are interested, they can just message you in seconds. That's fantastic right?!

Moreover, I still remember back in the olden days when I first started, they are people that called me crazy to create a WA group for Green Heroes. They did tell me it will become a SPAM group but little did they know that we can actually put a setting for the group chat to only allow admins to post. That is what I have done from the start and this has allowed us to reach hundreds of our customers easily and keep in touch with them too. This is one of the ways Green Hero add value to its customer and also build the relationship over time.

If we can do it and have found a formula to do so, I believe you can as well because we have been doing this for over 2 years and don't see a loss or disadvantage of doing it. This is a good way for us to sell whatever we have in stocks in a fast way and also keep our customers well informed from time to time on our latest promotion. I have also mentioned earlier is that why some people don't want to message us is because, we are either too lazy to click that FB message button or before we could, we have been distracted by another post.

I have seen other biz slowly adopting what Green Hero has done. They know WHATSAPP group is free to join and the group link as well is easy to share with many who are interested in your biz. Once you have created the group chat, post it on your FB page and you will be surprised to see how many will join your WHATSAPP group and support your biz even more. After they have joined it, there will be some that will ask for the WHATSAPP link to share with their friends. Isn't that great? You acquire new customers without spending a dime because they get to spread the words around via WHATSAPP about your biz and its cause. It is from there you be on cloud nine and will continue to use this medium to update your customers easily. In this way, both sides win. Your customer can order from you instantly and you get to respond to them ASAP as well without having to lose any interested customer.

Oh yeah, do remember to create that setting that only allow admins to post. If you don't they are sure to be some random people will later share unrelated stuff to the group and that wouldn't be nice because you create that WA group for one agenda which is for your biz and nothing else. So set ground rules in the group chat and make sure you take ownership for whatever happens on the inside.

In conclusion, I have been using WHATSAPP for my biz for over 2 years. I see it grow from 1 group to over 10 groups. WHATSAPP is also the new free marketing tool to update your customers instantly without them getting any kind of distraction from other posts when they feel like ordering from you. Pls do try this and once you do so , I will share with you in my next blog on how you can increase your leads via WHATSAPP group for long-term use and as well to close sales-related goods or services that are pricey than usual.

Cheers, and remember to stay Green!

If you have any biz related inquiries or interested in a green partnership, drop me an email at

Thanks for being a Green Hero.

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