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Is it possible to save money and save the environment at the same time?

Today, they are millions of cars on the road in Malaysia. Most of it runs on fossil fuels. It has been said that fossil fuels are one of the major contributors to climate change. There are many countries in Europe and the Western side that are phasing out fossil fuels and to replace them with Electrical vehicles as part of their commitment to producing a net carbon country by 2050. It is a daring pledge and a daring move to push both the government and its people to take the effect of climate change seriously and to combat them with effective solutions.

IN Malaysia, many of us have grown up and come to know and understandand that public transport is not efficient.

However, over the years, technology has helped improve Malaysia's public transport system. How is that so?

Today, you can download an app to look at the schedule of all the timelines on the public transport you wish to take. Google as well has worked closely with the Malaysia public transport system to have live feed data to track the exact position of the vehicle and give much more accurate data on where it is and what's the next estimated time arrival?

This initiative was recently rolled out and has given a big push to change Malaysian perception on public transport not being reliable to reliable.

Furthermore, I don't own a car. I often travel by bus,MRT, LRT and cycle whenever it is convenient. I am grateful that I choose this lifestyle because it opens my eyes to see the changes I have experienced in taking public transport over the past few years.

That decision I made has also helped me save a lot of money because my transportation cost has always been fixed. The increase in petrol price or the maintenance fees to maintain your car or to renew the road tax does not affect me at all. Oh yeah, best of all, no fines by either the city council or the traffic police for breaking any law. This is so good!

So, what do I mean by fixed cost and can we really save money and the environment by taking public transport? In Malaysia, the government has already introduced MYR50 &MYR100 Rapid card for people to travel around unlimited times. Public transport in Malaysia is mostly handled by Rapid, Pasarana. So anywhere you go, the car, the LRT, MRT, and others are controlled by them which gives you access to use the card. Now , you understand the price of either RM50 or RM100 can help save you RM500 a month? RM500 is the average spend by a car owner on petrol, toll charges, and maintenance costs.

In order to get your Rapid card, head over to this website :

I have been taking public transport since I was in college and today wherever I go to work, the bus is my main of transport.

If, I can do it, what about? Please do challenge yourself to take public transport for a month and if it does not help you, you can go back to drive car or ride or motor to wherever you want to go. Let's change for the better and reduce as much carbon footprint to see the earth heal.

To finish this, one bus is able to take off 55 cars from the road. 1 car usually produces 4600 kg of carbon dioxide annually based on the report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency,( Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle | US EPA) .

That's why the fastest way to reduce our greenhouse gases in each country is to switch to an electric vehicle car like Tesla or plan your daily route by taking public transport. It is one of the best ways and a change of habit to see a significant change in just a year to the environment.

Shall we make the switch to drive less, walk more, and take public transport for a healthier you and a greener tomorrow? It will defitnely help you save more money and save the environment too.

Jom! Let's be the change we wish to see and let the earth heal!

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