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Top 5 books in 2019 that helped Calvin Chan with Green Hero

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I read everyday because I thirst for knowledge. I am hunger for change and personal growth because I know that personal growth will eventually grow your wealth.

Every morning, there is a 20 min GAP which I will allocate to read a few chapters of the book I have with me. I will always carry a book with me wherever I go because I don't want to waste much of my time scrolling Facebook or watching Instagram stories. I will only do that in my leisure time.

One of the great things I learn from reading is that it will always add new value to you to see life from a different perspective. The more you read, the more you have empathy towards others because when you read a person's book, you're putting yourself in someone else shoe.

Besides that, I have read over 40 books in 2019 and I found that the 5 books that really make an impact in me and I saw change on the outside areas the list below.

1) Expert Secrets , Russell Brunson

This is my favorite read in 2019 because it taught me about creating a tribe. It also taught me the Epiphany Bridge and also the importance of stacking for an offer. I also came to learn that you should never decrease your price for an offer. You should instead add value for an offer for them to pay that price because the more your please the people who like your offer because you always cut your price, then you will keep losing money in the long run.

By the way, I shouldn't reveal too much info here or where is the fun for you to read it? :P Trust me! This is the best book that will change the way you think if you're an entrepreneur! Seriously, highly recommended!!

2) 5 am Club, Robin Sharma.

This book taught me so many great habits that I should instill in my life to become productive and also always be one step ahead of anything we do in life. Waking up at 5 am, applying the 20/20/20 rule, the 90/90/10 rule and the 60/10 rule is seriously a good change I am applying to see myself growth X2 than who I was before when I look back every 6 months. This book does not necessarily force you to wake up 5 am but why you should. You can wake up anytime and still do the habits but why 5 am? Read to find out. I have been loving Robin Sharma's book since I was in high school.

3) Finding My Virginity , Sir Richard Branson

This book shows me a man who knows no boundaries to build  business and also in his early days, he has done so much crazy stunt to shine his brand. Find out how he started an airplane company and later on venture into many other subsidiaries to create change in the world we live in. You will be shocked to know how he did them and also the dare he had to take to ensure his victory. I love how he have the elder councils!!!!!! The leaders on that council is FREAKING AWESOME!

4) High Performance Habit Brendon Burchard

This is freaking awesome! Gila betul this book! I tried it on myself and also on others, I was able to see the change in me and also them. If you want to become a great leader, we need to help others succeed. This is a book that will teach you about high-performance habit and how you can win over people. The habits I applied out from this book made me  much more calmer and a person with a sharper mind. Read more so you can know what I meant...

5) Jab Jab Jab , Gary Vaynerchuk

Do you want to know why I am onto many social media platforms and well, I don't post on all of them in a day but still, I am trying. This is a book you should read to understand each social media platform  needs so you can engage with your audience better. That's why, lately my posting has changed as compared to 2 years ago HAHAHA.

So as you can see and read , these are the 5 books that I personally love and has helped me become a better person to run Green Hero. I hoped the 5 books that I have read and share a bit to you is also able to help you run your biz with better growth .


Thanks for reading. Together we are a Green Hero.

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