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The Two Myvis

It rained as I walked down the alley of Stewart lane . I thought for a moment about what the future holds if I were to make the wrong decision. I am always afraid of what will happen next? I don't like to experience something that will give me a trauma or something bad to remember. I been through that many times and one day I decided to be careful of it. Ever since then, I take less risk and choose to avoid making any big decision that can potentially put me in a difficult position.

Life is tough. I twisted a plastic bottle in my hand and aimed it for the drain. I threw and a few seconds later, it scored!


I heard something crashed behind me. I turned around and saw two cars had collided. It was a red and blue Myvi. My jaw just dropped and I stared with my cow eyes. Smoke began to rise from the bonnet of both cars.

Should I help? What's my decision?

Deep inside, I knew I had to do something. I sprinted into action and joined the crash scene. I looked left and right and no one had come to aid them? Why is that so? The crash was so loud, that I am sure people will be curious and would have run here to help by now but there was no one at all. I circled the scene of the cars but it looks like the smog has clouded the inside of both cars.

I quickly went for the driver seat of the blue Myvi. and pulled the door to open it. As I do that, I repeatedly asked: " Are you ok? Anyone in there?".

( Of course, someone could be in there, a stupid question to ask)

The door wouldn't budge to open even after numerous times of trying it. I then decided to fist the window of the driver car door and in return, I injured myself. The pain engulfed my hand and I had to use my other hand to press against the pain.

" Damn you!" I agonized in pain.

Soon, I heard something ticking from inside the blue Myvi. I put my left ear against the window and heard the static from the radio and someone cried for help in a fainted voice.

" Shit! Someone's there!", I said and panicked to save the person from the smog that has clouded the car. I looked around for anything that can help me break the window. As I do that, the red Myvi hazard light begun to turn on.

Now there is 2 person that needed to be saved. " Help! Help! Anyone out there can help us?" I shouted and it seems that the building around us, no one bothered to come out and check on us. How selfish are the people living in this area?

As soon I spotted something sharp, I ran over and picked it up. It seems to be like a PVC pipe, a short one. I rushed back to the blue Myvi , stretched the PVC pipe way back to how far my arm can go, and jerked it towards the window.

I hope this time it will break!

Pow! The window shattered into pieces and I couldn't believe it. The smog from the car burst out and swoosh it goes out and some hit me on my face.

I used my hand and swap the smog away to look at what's inside the car. There was no one in the driver seat!

What!!!!! How is that possible? I jumped over to the back seat, and looked into it. There was no one too. So where did the person went?

I jumped back again to the driver seat and carefully put my hand into the car to unlock the door. Once the door has been unlocked, I expected a body to tumble out but there was none. The car was empty.


I looked over to the red car and realized there is one more to check. I picked up the pipe and ran over to the red car driver seat. I aimed at the window and POW! It shattered into pieces. The smog swooshed out and quickly put my head into the driver seat. I looked into it and saw no one. The back too! Fear starts to grow in me. I took a few steps back and tried to digest what has just happened.

Then in a blink, I saw a figure on the driver seat at the red Myvi. It looked like a guy. His head was on the driver seat. Is he still breathing? I hope so.

I swiftly ran to it. I saw blood oozed out from his forehead and templar. His hair was short but I could see the shattered glass all over his head.

" Sir, are u ok?" I asked him as I put my hand over the door and unlocked it from the inside.

"Cluck" the door opened and I put my 2 fingers at his neck to check for his pulse. There was none! He is dead already! I am too late to save him. What should I do now? Should I just leave the crash scene and hoped someone else will aid these 2 people? or should I just continue to call for help? Maybe an ambulance and the police? I shouldn't have got myself into such a scene. Now, the police will question me and take my statement. If I were to leave this place just like that, the police will still come to me after that because of the shattered glass, the door that has been left open with my fingerprints on the door handle, and so on.

Arghhhh... I am so frustrated in this.

Let's just call the police instead!

I lifted my fingers away from his neck and slide my hand into the pocket to grab my cellphone. I dialed for the emergency line and a man picked up, " Hello! This is 999, how can we assist you?" .

" GOSH!!! There is an accident that involved 2 Myvi at the back alley of Stewart lane that connects to the main road. Can you get the police and the ambulance to come over? ASAP! ASAP!" I asked. " Yes, we can! How bad is it? Were the victims ok?" the man asked and sounded worried. " One of them is dead. I have checked for his pulse but there was none. Another is missing" I sighed.

" Alright, I have triggered on my end for the medic and the police to go over to the scene. Please do stay there".

"Sure! Please be fast!" I said. " Yup, help is on its way!" he confirmed and I thanked him for his assistance. We both hung up the call and I went over to check on the blue Myvi. Where is the person who drives this car? There must be someone that drove this that caused 2 car to collide. This is very weird.

I checked again on the driver seat and saw no one on it. Hmmmm.

I then reached for the car unlock button and unlocked the door for all sides. Once the other 3 doors have clucked opened, I opened the other 3 doors to have a better look at the inside. No one was there but I heard something moved on the back of the car. Could it be a person? How did he end up at the back of the car? There is no way he could do that from the inside of the car unless he got out and hid inside.

After I heard something from the back, I went over to the driver seat and pulled up a handle to open the back bonnet. I walked over to it and placed one hand on the bottom of the handle. I reached for it and pulled up the bonnet. I expected someone to be in there but instead, there was a glowing object in fluorescent green. It looked like a casing to keep our specs or sunglasses. I picked it up and observed it from every angle. It seems normal but it glows. Shall I open to see what's inside? I am scared now. Maybe is best I just leave it where it supposed to be?

I ignored my negative thoughts and opened the case. In the inside, there was a note that reads , " WAKE UP!". Why though?

I tried to recall where it all started and soon realized that after I have thrown the bottle into the longkang, something knocked me hard on the back of my head. After that, that was where I heard the crashed of two Myvi.

I closed the case and look up ahead. There was this 2 figure that stood right outside of their cars. Its eyes were red and I saw they grinned. " Hi?" I said and that was the stupidest thing you could do to attract the 2 figure. Theirs grinned changed to a sharp smile and sprinted towards me. My flight responded to run away from it. As I ran, the whole street ahead of me begin to go dark. I couldn't see anything but my heart raced crazily. Soon, my right foot kicked something and I tripped over. I felt and landed on my face.

Shit! I am so dead! A hand reached out for the back of my shirt and pulled me up. There! I saw the other figure right infront of me. It was so dark that I could only see its eye flared in red and its teeth shining in white! " This alley is mine and if you dare to pollute it, I shall teach you a lesson. Here is a fist for you to feel the wraith in me" the figure said in its manly voiced and gave me a punched. I felt it and coughed out. "Now, here is another one from the back, " the other figure who held me on the back, tightly, threw in another punch on my shoulder that caused me to go down on my knees.

Now an uppercut was given and I felt a sharp blow on my chin. My head flung to the back and I felt on my back. As soon as I have landed, a kick was given on my head. It was so painful that a white flash woke me up.

I then realized I had fainted and was on the ground, faced up the starry night. I sat up straight, looked around, and saw that there was no Myvi or the crash scene. The two figures that assaulted me were nowhere to be found too.

I guessed this is a warning for me to always throw rubbish into the bin.

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