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Water pollution in Selangor

As we’ve known for the past few months, people in the Klang Valley area were heavily affected facing water disruption. This scenario is due to some irresponsible acts of some irresponsible parties who’ve polluted Sungai Gong thus causing major disruption that led to supply disruption to almost 5 million citizens. Air Selangor being the major body in supplying water and they are in immense pressure from both government and residents as these disruption happening frequently without any permanent solution. Although the parties responsible were arrested, compounds totaling up to RM212,000 issued since February, it seems there’s more into it when the authorities yet to find a permanent solution to curb this issue. (1)

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Moreover, facing constant water disruption for months, many questions arise on the occasion. “Why this is happening repeatedly? Is there any solution to overcome the problem?”, “Why are factories responsible along Sungai Selangor were not removed yet or shut down forever?”. These are some of the questions I have been thinking day and night. As we’re experiencing control movement control orders due to COVID 19, citizens of Klang Valley have no other choice but to accept the fact that this water disruption may on the rise again and they have to find alternative sources of water during those hard times or be alert on how they used water. Despite all those petitions signed and reports were made, we the people of Malaysia have to step up our action if we really in dire need to find a permanent solution. I know we are expressing our emotions and thoughts online but can that help us in the long run?

This is where creativity and innovation have to play a crucial role when an alternative solution was to be made possible. If Klang valley faces constant disruption of water supply especially during CMCO period, things will get out of our hands. As our country will be shifting drastically in adapting to the Industrial revolution 4.0, a constant water disruption will only pull our country back as Klang Valley provides 30% of the country's GDP growth. (2)

In conclusion, the government is taking necessary actions giving fines, compounds, tightening river safety and more, but what’s in it for us? What’s our role as people of Malaysia in curbing this problem? If you have any thoughts you will like to share or want to write for us, feel free to comment here or email us at Let’s make some efforts towards a greener future.

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