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What are the 3 tips to follow for more biz inquiries on FB/IG?

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

There is some biz out there that wants to get sales makes it harder for people to purchase with them but why?

Nowadays, many of us seek convenience in purchasing something with others, and some biz fails to acknowledge that which causes them not able to generate more sales than they should. Hence, we need to improve and change the way we do biz to add value to our customers and deliver convenience to them even before they want to purchase with us.

So what are the 3 tips to follow?

1) The choice of words.

Let's be creative with the choice of words we use in our postings. Before you publish the post, read it twice and ask yourself if you will inquire with the biz to make a purchase or even react to it?

A good copywriting and also a good title will make people stop at your post to read it.

I used this format in our posting and also emphasis the same to my team to do it too.

Hook. Story. Offer.

Try it and witness the difference in getting more inquiries as compared to before applying such a format.

2) Links

Have you seen that biz that posts their phone number instead of creating a WA link or a bit link for people to click on it to have someone respond to them immediately rather than having to key in the person phone number onto their phone log or save their number before either giving them a call or WA them?

Hence, will you agree with me that is a hassle for a customer to reach out to you? If so, that will make people lose interest to purchase with you because the frustration would have made them change their minds.

Based on the 2 pictures above, as you can see that it can be further improved to have a catchy headline, a story as to why people should buy from you? Also, best to include a WA link rather than just putting in your number.

Moreover, you may use the two links provided below to improve the way you make your post or to get someone to purchase with you.

a) To create a WA link :

b) another link to track the number of people who click your links. It is good to know if your post do engagement for the public. If the engagement is way below your expectation, then you will need to change the offer or your post to make it better than it is.

3) Call to action

If your post is to focus on getting people to purchase with you, pls do include a call to action. You must be in control when people enter your market so that you can convince them to purchase with you because if you don't you just lose a potential customer. So, please do try your best to minimize the inconvenience for customers to purchase with you to ensure your biz can transact more sales than it should be. Hence, that is also Green Hero main focus from month to month to continue to improve the biz flow to make it faster, efficient & better.

One of the pic references for you to read & understand :

How am I sure to get addicted if you don't give me a story to relate to? We can do better.


Oh yeah, not to forget to include a link for people to purchase or inquire with you about the product/service you have to offer.

Pls, don't forget the Call To Action too. Let's avoid making the same mistake and learn from others to be better.

Nevertheless, all the best in implementing the changes in your posting. We hope that this blog will help you to become better at running online biz and get more inquiries for your product/service to reach out to more people.

Thank you for reading :D

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