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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The world is dying. The ocean is filled with 8 million tons of plastic trash every year. The river in the 3rd world country where most shirts are produced is cover with bleach that contaminate a nearby water source. Also, more than 17,000 food waste is thrown to the landfill on a daily basis and 40,000 tonnes of trash is being dumped when most of it can be recycled? That does not make any sense!

Moreover, animals too are being hunted for their exotic meat for ancient beliefs that can cure a certain disease when modern science has said those were a myth and not accurate. The dolphins on the other end in Japan are killed every year just for fun because of the tradition that they have started 200 years ago?

Pic by BBC News

What about the rapid deforestation that happens around the world? This rapid deforestation often does not come along with a sustainable township planning and conflicts usually happen between humans and animals. Animals on the other end are losing their habitat while the human gain for their own comfort they call home. This can lead to the extinction of certain species around the world if there is nothing much that we can do to reduce the impact of rapid deforestation and also to ensure the animals have spaces to keep their population.

As you can see from above, the earth and the ecosystem are suffering Animals are devastated. Good food that can feed the poor was not utilized but thrown and the trees who are the lungs for the earth are being chopped like there were nothing.

My friends, the business I started is meant to help the earth suffer less and to see good food ends up in the tummy rather than the landfill. I know that I cannot change the world alone but I believe I can inspire others and get the people who think alike to be in a community to create a greater impact. That's why Green Hero exists and growing 1% each day because of you.

We are looking for passionate individuals who have the Green Mindset & the entrepreneurship spirit in them to start their own green business as their side hustle. The tools such as access to the mobile APP, WHATSAPP Group, Facebook page, and the support will be given as well by the core team to ensure when you start this it can also take off at your end.

So, do you need to pay for that? No, you don't need to pay anything to get access to those and also the support or advice to run this licensing biz but there is a 7% royalty fees you will have to contribute on a yearly basis from the gross profit. That's all. If there is no profit made in that one year, there is nothing for us but of course, we too want to ensure you can make a living out of this and at the same time take care of our planet.

However, most biz out there will need a starting capital from you for at least RM20K to run their biz elsewhere and not many tools are given to you. In Green Hero, we are basically an online platform and we source our own drivers so we don't rely on any 3rd party to cut cost. This is also to control the customer experience we deliver to our consumers who purchase and save the food with us. By doing so, we don't owe any biz any money or go for credit terms for such a long period of time. That's why we run the biz differently and also to go through this, you are able to develop your own critical thinking skills, managing people skills along with negotiation skills when dealing with merchants. These are the few key skills you will develop as you pick up this business to run on your own.

I hope you do remember that when you dive into this biz to run on your own, you will put saving food from wastage first then anything else. If making huge money is why you start this business, I am sorry to say, you will lose interest within a year because the margins for selling edible food surplus is too low that to earn more gross profit, you will need to sell more products.

That's how we roll for the past 2 years. If you're interested to know more about our business, we have a preview coming up on How To License Green Hero :

We will see you here and if you have any further questions, do let us know on the event day. Let's enable more of such service in more places.

Together let's become the Green Hero that Malaysia needs.

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