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Will there be more job opportunities from the Green Industry?

We are living in an era where most of us are concern about the environment because we know what climate change has done to us.

We are experiencing serious flash flood much more than ever, the number of strong wind that has happened in a year has increased as compared to the past decade, serious drought seasons with no rain that causes the crops to die and the dam to be dried up. There are also so many hotspots that has happened during the drought season that we can't control as they happen unexpectedly in different areas.

These are the serious sign we can see in Malaysia that climate change is real and we should not deny it!

That's why there are so many green companies that have been set up lately in Malaysia to ensure Malaysia can become a Green country. These green companies that have been set up in Malaysia, they have one thing in common which is to enable more people in Malaysia to have easier access to green solutions.

So with that, there are more job opportunities in the Green Industry that have been on a rise as compared to early 2000. Check out the few potential companies you can work for part-time or full time or even volunteer yourself to learn new skills as you go with the green companies you are going with.

1) Solarvest

Solarvest is a company that has recently achieved a public listing company in Bursa Malaysia. Their company focuses on providing solar solutions to people and companies who want to go for Solar Power which is a much more sustainable way of getting electricity.

You too can check out the website for more info :

2) Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC) was formerly known as Green Tech Malaysia.

It is a government body that encourages the Malaysian community to go after green habits and also to adopt green technology in their daily life. Moreover, their key roles are also introducing green incentives and certification to individuals and corporate who uses technology in their daily activities. They too are promoting more Green buildings in Malaysia and also to roll out plans for green awareness.

To know what are the green incentives you can claim, here is a link for you.

Website :

Jobs opening : To be open soon

3) AGV Environment

A company that has been established for over 20 years as a consulting firm for many companies to better manage their waste and also resources to ensure sustainable growth. Besides that, they do work with a few local agencies to eliminate or reduce the potential threat that they can find that is hurting the environment.

4) The Hive

The Hive is a Zero Waste Solution Store in KL that encourages and promotes people to reduce single-use plastic with lesser trash being dumped to the landfill. The founder, Claire is a French lady started this with her own practice and later on decided that she wants to enable more people to have the convenience to shop zero waste and also to use product that is long-lasting.

Try volunteering your time and skills for them so you can learn as you go.

5) Single- Step

A Zero waste shop in PJ to encourage the KL people especially PJ to become a Zero Waste Humans. The world has too much trash and now, they need lesser of it because it hurts the environment so much that the landfill is producing methane gas and other greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

So if you are a student or you have some free time and wish to make your time counts, I will suggest to volunteer 1-2 hours a day to assist them in any help they can get from you.

6) Green Hero

An online platform that pushes F&B to go Happy Hour to offer their edible food surplus at a discounted price or even to channel them to NGO with no charges at all. In this way, we see a nation with lesser food waste and more people are being fed rather than to the landfill that has no value to the society.

Job opportunities: Writers needed.

7) Graze Market

Graze Market is a surplus food market that aims to bridge the gap between food waste and hunger by offering fresh produce that would have been discarded, at a discounted price to the public. We look forward to welcoming you at our store!

No job opening: at the moment but you can try to volunteer your free time to assist them in social media posting etc or do a project that matters for the community.

8) Malaysia Green Building Council.

An organization that drivers for more Green Building in Malaysia by implementing Green Technology and solutions in the building to depend less on non-renewable energy.

9) PKT Logistics Group – Logistics service provider for the renewable energy sector.

Dato Micheal Tio is one of my favourite Malaysia leaders that I have always look up to for sustainable growth.

This is taken from their website
" PKT is a socially responsible company providing logistics services by utilizing local human resources, building environmentally friendly warehouses, open engagement with the communities, inspire other businesses to provide a positive impact to people and communities through its activities".

WOW! JUST WOW!! If you have the chance to work here, take it and do your best in the interview!

These are the 9 companies in Malaysia that I personally came across and know they are doing a great effort in ensuring a sustainable Malaysia and also for a greener future.

I do believe that there will more Green Biz that will set up in Malaysia as we go because a greener sustainable way of doing biz is the way forward to look after our planet earth .

Thanks for reading this. If you are a student and looking to write for part-time basis, PM us at our Green Hero Page.

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